World Cup Teaching Resources from Pencil Street

Brasilien 2014

The 2014 FIFA Brazilian World Cup begins on Thursday 12th June!

We have been working hard on bringing you new teaching resources to support this fantastic worldwide sporting event.

We have everything you need to get your class involved and inspired during this year’s biggest sporting  tournament. You don’t have to be a fan of football or sports to enjoy this topic, our resources cover a wide range of subject areas and we have split our resources into key stage levels to help you find what you need.

In our Early Years World Cup Resources area we have some fantastic numeracy worksheets with a football theme. Check out resource number 13-1122. You can also find similar football themed numeracy worksheets for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.


We love this code breaking activity. Your class will enjoy cracking the code hidden in the World Cup football shirts! It’s resource number 805-021 and is available in our KS1 World Cup teaching resources.


For KS2 we have a great geography activity. Get your class to research the countries taking part in the World Cup and locate them on the map provided. This is resource number 805-008 and is available in the KS2 World Cup Teaching Resources area.


Lastly you will be sure to love our World Cup themed classroom display resources. We have a great selection of borders and titles for wall displays, number and alphabet lines and reward charts and certificates suitable for all primary levels.


Don’t forget, If you can’t find the resource you are looking for, get in touch. We will make it for you for free! Just email




Primary Phonics Resources from Pencil Street

Letters flying out of an open book. Magic book. Fairy talePhonics are a great way of teaching children to read. The knowledge of how to recognise the sounds letters make and the sounds different combinations of letters make is an important step in learning our language. This technique of learning to read can help them break down new words they hear or see and therefore read more accurately.

At Pencil Street we have a wide range or resources to support this. We have broken these down into sections for ease, Vowel Work, Initial Sounds, Graphemes and Digraphs and Trigraphs. 

In Initial sounds you can find downloadable phonics packs. These consists of matching bookmarks and booklets for each sound and can be used in combination with any of our other resources. See resource 1010-225 as an example to reinforce the sound ‘Pl’.


We also have a lovely range of games and flash cards to assist with vowel work, all of these support CVC learning for KS1. See resource L08-060 for an example of flash cards for the vowel ‘u’.


There are many more great phonics resources like this on the Pencil Street website, so why not pop over and take a look!


Explore the Oceans with Our Under the Sea Resources!


This week we are excited to introduce ‘Under the Sea’ resources for all primary ages!

In this topic you will find a wide range of resources to support teaching about the sea and oceans around the world. Explore and discover our marine habitats, what animals live there and what they need to survive.

This fishy themed counting worksheet is great for Early Years classes. Just search for resource number 802-143 on the Pencil Street website.


To compliment these we have also created ‘Sharing a Shell’ resources based on the popular children’s book by Julia Donaldson. Sharing a Shell is a lovely rhyming story about a little hermit crab who loves his new shell and doesn’t want to share it with his new friends. He soon realises that he needs their help and so develops a great story that highlights sharing, friendship and problem solving.  Check out our Sharing a Shell word mat resource 802-176 !



Have Your Input into Our New First World War Resources!

WW1Over the next month at Pencil Street we will be developing lots of new resources for you around the First World War.

2014 marks 100 years since the outbreak of World War One. This centenary year will bring with it lots of events around the UK and the world, marking this key point in our history.

It is so important that our children learn what the world has been through in the past and understand the impact of the war on history and the world we live in today. This is a great opportunity to explore an important part of our history and how commemoration and remembrance have now become part of our lives in the UK and other countries.

This is a large topic and we want to get in just right, so we would like your input! What resources would you like to see on WWI? What have you found useful when teaching this topic in the past?

yellow pencilYour opinions and suggestions are very valuable to us so please get in touch and let us know! Drop us an email at



Preparing for Easter with Pencil Street

This year Easter falls on 20th April. Over the last month we have been adding to our already fantastic Easter resources to make sure you have plenty to choose from for your Easter themed activities!
If you are exploring the origins of Easter then we have some fantastic worksheets that look at Easter from a religious point of view. See worksheet no: 13-1053.
We also have some numeracy and literacy worksheets with a distinct Easter theme, allowing you to bring this special event into all areas of teaching. This Easter Counting Worksheet is a lovely worksheet for Early Years children. You can find more like this for KS1 and KS2 in Easter resources.
Lastly Easter is an event that lends itself perfectly to creative activities in the classroom! Whether it be egg decorating, Easter bonnets or baking, there is something for everyone.
Why not try making these Easter Chocolate Nests with your class? No baking required, just a little chocolate melting! This is resource 13-1055 on the Pencil Street website.
Have you used our resources with your class and/or created a display? We’d love to hear your feedback and see some pictures! Just email them to me at
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PHSE and Citizenship – Animals and Us

 Cute girl drawing a picture with color pencils. Kitten looking aAt Pencil Street this week we have some brand new ‘Animals and Us’ resources which support KS1 PHSE and citizenship.
This is a great topic to help your class learn about responsibility and needs of different animals, how to care for them and how to treat them with love and respect.
We have developed a wide range of resources around household pets, farm animals, wild animals and minibeasts. So whatever path you choose to help demonstrate this topic, we have something for you.

‘Animals and Us’ helps build awareness of our local environment and how to care for the animals that live there. Whether this be pets your students may have at home, local wildlife in the school grounds or endangered animals of the world.

Children need to learn no matter where they are all animals deserve to be treated with the same care and respect. 802-071P

We have some great worksheets for comparing needs of animals, look out for resource numbers: 802-070 and 802-071 on the Pencil Street Website.












Spring Teaching Resources from Pencil Street

easter eggs with daffodilsThe second half of the spring term has begun so why not bring Spring into your classroom with our bright and colourful teaching resources!

We have a wide range of spring resources for all primary key stage levels.

Explore and encourage your pupils to talk about the features of spring, it’s sights sounds and smells, from baby animals to fresh flowers and of course Easter!

You can use the seasons to compliment teaching across all subject areas and challenge V11-60Pyour students by asking them to look for signs of spring and record what they see when they are out and about, both at home and at school. Look out for classroom activity resource no V11-60 to support this!

We have some lovely display resources to create a real impact for the spring term and If you are planning ahead you can also find some great Easter resources on the Pencil Street website.

You will find our Easter resources in both the ‘Religious Education‘ section and the ‘Special Days‘ sections of our website.

We love to hear from you and would love to see your Spring projects! Get in touch by emailing

Sarah Howe

Marketing Assistant

Pencil Street


New Circus teaching resources from Pencil Street

circus tent and attractions vector illustrationThe Circus has come to Pencil Street!

This week we have uploaded lots of new resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. These are all suitable to support IPC Milepost 1-“The circus is coming to town”.

We love to be entertained and to enjoy ourselves, children even more so! Laughing and having fun play such an important part in our lives. So why not explore the bright and colourful world of the circus with your class?

This vibrant topic can compliment the curriculum in a number of ways. In art we can find out how to draw faces and understand expressions and design posters for circus themed role play. History can lead us to finding out about circuses in the past and how they have changed in recent years. In P.E, dance and music you can explore balance, movement and rhythm.

We have a variety of fun resources to get the kids engaged at all levels and some great display resources that will help make a great feature of this topic in your class and compliment teaching in all curriculum areas.

Sarah Howe

Marketing Assistant

Pencil Street




Developing Internet Safety Resources

Internet SafetyAs Graphic Designer for Pencil Street, it is my responsibility to ensure that our resources are clear and concise, yet still effective with the different key stages. This blog will be a little insight on how I approach certain subjects, allowing you to see how dedicated we are to providing great teaching resources at Pencil Street.

I am currently developing resources for Internet Safety (tying in with Safer Internet Day on 11th February 2014) that will provide the vital information your class needs to stay safe online, as well keeping it fun and interactive for all ages.

In this day and age, with the Internet being so accessible around the world, it can be hard to see the negative points to a service that is now seen as a necessity. However, the online world can turn into a dark place if you are not aware on how to use it in a safe manner.

With toy sales decreasing and laptop sales rising, your class is at a crucial age to educate them on keeping their information private, behaving respectfully and with caution on chat forums, avoiding inappropriate content and other Internet safety points.  I believe doing this is so important, which is why I want to give you materials that will stick with your class when they are online at school and home, as well as making them aware of the power (good and bad) of the Internet.

It is vital that the resources I develop are made with the children ages in mind, so they can use them to the best of their ability, and learn!

Have a look at the Internet Safety resources here on our website.

Lola Hoad
Graphic Designer
Pencil Street

Diwali Teaching Resources



Diwali is one of the most well-known of the Hindu festivals.

The word Diwali means ‘rows of lighted lamps’ and is often called the ‘festival of lights’. This is because houses, shops and public places are decorated with small earthenware oil lamps called diyas. The festival lasts five days.


For the classroom and home educators – Pencil Street has a range of Diwali teaching resources, both free and premium worksheets are available. Pencil Street will also develop any requests for resources completely free of charge.