Promoting a Better Learning Environment

Teaching Ideas from Pencil StreetToday’s teachers need all the help they can get. Pencil Street was created to make their jobs easier. Made up of primary educators, the resource center has been specifically created to promote a better learning experience and more effective classroom.

Visit the site to learn more about Pencil Street’s Teaching resources, including classroom resources, design technology, geography resources, history resources, literacy resources, numeracy resources, PHSE and Citizenship, religious education, role play, science resources, and a variety of other topics and themes.

Buying from Pencil Street is easy. Buyers may buy bulk credit to use as needed, and student teachers are eligible to save 50 percent off Pencil Street’s already low prices. There are also school membership packages that allow multiple users to purchase as needed.

Pencil Street teaching resources are designed for the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2. Our high quality teaching resources are designed to empower teachers to better facilitate the learning process within the classroom. The displays are designed to follow and expand on the curriculum, and real life images, as well as cartoon characters, provide fun, interesting additions to worksheets and activity plans.

We are constantly expanding and updating the resources, so please visit often, to see what’s new.

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