Remembrance Day Teaching Resources

Many special days and events occur during the school year. But while most children are excited to celebrate popular holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, they might ignore special days with a historical background.Remembrance Day is observed the Sunday nearest Veteran’s Day and it commemorates those who died in World War I and World War II. Teaching Remembrance Day may not be a required part of your curriculum, but you might incorporate this event to broaden the minds and hearts of your students.

Pencil Street offers several resources and tools for teaching Remembrance Day. You can download worksheets that include Remembrance Day facts, as well as information on the significance of war memorials. If you’re teaching vocabulary, you can download vocabulary worksheets which include words associated with Remembrance Day.

Teaching Remembrance Day can provide your students with a better understanding on the two World Wars, and perhaps develop their interest in historical events.


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