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Creating Early Positive Impressions

As an elementary school student, there is nothing more exciting than seeing yourself represented in the teaching materials, textbooks, or resources used in class. In a classroom where there are a variety of cultures and traditions, it can sometimes be a bit daunting to ensure that everyone feels welcome. It often requires outside research and time on the teacher’s part, and there is always the fear that someone might take offense if traditions or holidays are accidentally addressed inappropriately.

Luckily, there are actually a number of good online sources for Diwali teaching resources and Christmas teaching resources, that will have all of your students enjoying themselves. The best way to instill an appreciation of a variety of cultures and practices in any young person, is to present them in such a way that they are fun, exciting experiences. The early positive impression will go a long way towards informing how they view themselves, and those around them, as adults.

Make the Holidays Come Alive

Making the everyday or the ordinary, interesting and extraordinary, is a large part of the job of a teacher. The teachers we remember the most, are the ones who made looking at a butterfly an amazing experience, or the instructors who showed us how applicable physics was to everyday life. A good teacher can take a concept and make it reality, in a way that makes a student want to experiment and learn more. During the holidays, teachers have an excellent opportunity to make an annual event into a great learning experience.

However, as an instructor, knowing that you have this opportunity is different than knowing quite what to do with it. This is why Diwali teaching resources, and Christmas teaching resources can be extremely helpful. They can jump start ideas for class activities and new ways of approaching the celebrations. Additionally, they can provide you with a bit more information about the meaning of each tradition. Armed with knowledge and great ideas, you can take your students on a beautiful holiday journey. With any luck, that journey will make you one of those teachers that they remember forever.

Road Safety Week Teaching Resources (Free and Premium)

Road Safety Week is an established week in the UK calendar. It was set up by Brake in 1997 and organised by the charity annually ever since. It takes place in November each year and aims to give everyone an opportunity to promote road safety in their community, school or company.  

Here at Pencil Street we have a range of free and premium teaching resources to help promote road safety for all age groups from EY, KS1 to KS2.  

Here are a few general ideas and a few ideas linked to resources get you started:

  • Talk about road safety in your assemblies.
  • Hold a special road safety assembly or open event for parents.
  • Make a road safety display in the school. Display resources for road safety available (Ref 71-109)
  • Mention Road Safety Week / promote road safety in your newsletter to parents.
  • Challenge the children to create a road safety poster/leaflet/banner/film/play.
  • Have a special PSHE or citizenship lesson on road safety.Integrate road safety learning into curriculum lessons. Plenty of resources available!
  • Have a special guest in to talk about road safety, for example, a police officer, or drama group.

Road deaths are the biggest ‘accidental’ cause of death of children and young people. All kids and young people use roads and have experienced road danger; so it’s the perfect topic for a project that can really engage them as well as save their lives, while also meeting curriculum goals.