Developing Internet Safety Resources

Internet SafetyAs Graphic Designer for Pencil Street, it is my responsibility to ensure that our resources are clear and concise, yet still effective with the different key stages. This blog will be a little insight on how I approach certain subjects, allowing you to see how dedicated we are to providing great teaching resources at Pencil Street.

I am currently developing resources for Internet Safety (tying in with Safer Internet Day on 11th February 2014) that will provide the vital information your class needs to stay safe online, as well keeping it fun and interactive for all ages.

In this day and age, with the Internet being so accessible around the world, it can be hard to see the negative points to a service that is now seen as a necessity. However, the online world can turn into a dark place if you are not aware on how to use it in a safe manner.

With toy sales decreasing and laptop sales rising, your class is at a crucial age to educate them on keeping their information private, behaving respectfully and with caution on chat forums, avoiding inappropriate content and other Internet safety points.  I believe doing this is so important, which is why I want to give you materials that will stick with your class when they are online at school and home, as well as making them aware of the power (good and bad) of the Internet.

It is vital that the resources I develop are made with the children ages in mind, so they can use them to the best of their ability, and learn!

Have a look at the Internet Safety resources here on our website.

Lola Hoad
Graphic Designer
Pencil Street

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