New Circus teaching resources from Pencil Street

circus tent and attractions vector illustrationThe Circus has come to Pencil Street!

This week we have uploaded lots of new resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. These are all suitable to support IPC Milepost 1-“The circus is coming to town”.

We love to be entertained and to enjoy ourselves, children even more so! Laughing and having fun play such an important part in our lives. So why not explore the bright and colourful world of the circus with your class?

This vibrant topic can compliment the curriculum in a number of ways. In art we can find out how to draw faces and understand expressions and design posters for circus themed role play. History can lead us to finding out about circuses in the past and how they have changed in recent years. In P.E, dance and music you can explore balance, movement and rhythm.

We have a variety of fun resources to get the kids engaged at all levels and some great display resources that will help make a great feature of this topic in your class and compliment teaching in all curriculum areas.

Sarah Howe

Marketing Assistant

Pencil Street




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