Spring Teaching Resources from Pencil Street

easter eggs with daffodilsThe second half of the spring term has begun so why not bring Spring into your classroom with our bright and colourful teaching resources!

We have a wide range of spring resources for all primary key stage levels.

Explore and encourage your pupils to talk about the features of spring, it’s sights sounds and smells, from baby animals to fresh flowers and of course Easter!

You can use the seasons to compliment teaching across all subject areas and challenge V11-60Pyour students by asking them to look for signs of spring and record what they see when they are out and about, both at home and at school. Look out for classroom activity resource no V11-60 to support this!

We have some lovely display resources to create a real impact for the spring term and If you are planning ahead you can also find some great Easter resources on the Pencil Street website.

You will find our Easter resources in both the ‘Religious Education‘ section and the ‘Special Days‘ sections of our website.

We love to hear from you and would love to see your Spring projects! Get in touch by emailing sarah.howe@pencilstreet.com.

Sarah Howe

Marketing Assistant

Pencil Street


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