PHSE and Citizenship – Animals and Us

 Cute girl drawing a picture with color pencils. Kitten looking aAt Pencil Street this week we have some brand new ‘Animals and Us’ resources which support KS1 PHSE and citizenship.
This is a great topic to help your class learn about responsibility and needs of different animals, how to care for them and how to treat them with love and respect.
We have developed a wide range of resources around household pets, farm animals, wild animals and minibeasts. So whatever path you choose to help demonstrate this topic, we have something for you.

‘Animals and Us’ helps build awareness of our local environment and how to care for the animals that live there. Whether this be pets your students may have at home, local wildlife in the school grounds or endangered animals of the world.

Children need to learn no matter where they are all animals deserve to be treated with the same care and respect. 802-071P

We have some great worksheets for comparing needs of animals, look out for resource numbers: 802-070 and 802-071 on the Pencil Street Website.












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