Preparing for Easter with Pencil Street

This year Easter falls on 20th April. Over the last month we have been adding to our already fantastic Easter resources to make sure you have plenty to choose from for your Easter themed activities!
If you are exploring the origins of Easter then we have some fantastic worksheets that look at Easter from a religious point of view. See worksheet no: 13-1053.
We also have some numeracy and literacy worksheets with a distinct Easter theme, allowing you to bring this special event into all areas of teaching. This Easter Counting Worksheet is a lovely worksheet for Early Years children. You can find more like this for KS1 and KS2 in Easter resources.
Lastly Easter is an event that lends itself perfectly to creative activities in the classroom! Whether it be egg decorating, Easter bonnets or baking, there is something for everyone.
Why not try making these Easter Chocolate Nests with your class? No baking required, just a little chocolate melting! This is resource 13-1055 on the Pencil Street website.
Have you used our resources with your class and/or created a display? We’d love to hear your feedback and see some pictures! Just email them to me at
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