Primary Phonics Resources from Pencil Street

Letters flying out of an open book. Magic book. Fairy talePhonics are a great way of teaching children to read. The knowledge of how to recognise the sounds letters make and the sounds different combinations of letters make is an important step in learning our language. This technique of learning to read can help them break down new words they hear or see and therefore read more accurately.

At Pencil Street we have a wide range or resources to support this. We have broken these down into sections for ease, Vowel Work, Initial Sounds, Graphemes and Digraphs and Trigraphs. 

In Initial sounds you can find downloadable phonics packs. These consists of matching bookmarks and booklets for each sound and can be used in combination with any of our other resources. See resource 1010-225 as an example to reinforce the sound ‘Pl’.


We also have a lovely range of games and flash cards to assist with vowel work, all of these support CVC learning for KS1. See resource L08-060 for an example of flash cards for the vowel ‘u’.


There are many more great phonics resources like this on the Pencil Street website, so why not pop over and take a look!


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